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Here’s A List Of 50 Stunning SEO Tools

You Will Get Inside This Impeccable Upgrade…

1. Article Spinner And Rewriter

This unique tool will spin an article and rewrite it without letting you depend on any writer.

It does that in 7 leading languages - so getting unique content for your website will be easy.

2. Plagiarism Checker

It’s a must to have an article that’s absolutely original with no traces of copying from any source. Else, it will not lead to higher ranks.

With this tool, you will be in a position to ensure that your content is unique and gets ranked.

3. Backlink Maker

If you want to create backlinks automatically, then this tool is a must-try.

It not only creates backlinks but even pings. You can rely on this tool to access backlinks in high PR pages in only 1 click.

4. Meta Tag Generator

It will become super easy to generate meta tag using this tool.

Once done, your onsite SEO will improve because you can add proper metatags for Google and other search engines.

5. Meta Tag Analyzer

Do you want to analyze meta tags on your site? You can do that easily with this tool in action.

Use this tool and know what keywords your rivals are targeting to getting their onsite SEO improved.

6. Keyword Position Checker

Use this tool and know which position a site ranks on Yahoo and Google against a different blend of keywords.

You can also get details about your rankings and even rivals for different keywords.

7. XML Sitemap Generator

Thanks to this tool, generating an XML sitemap for your website will become dead easy.

This tool can also help you to boost your SEO rankings. It does that by creating a sitemap and submitting it to diverse search engines.

8. Backlink Checker

Do you want to check the number of backlinks to a website? Leave it to this tool to do it easily for you.

You can also use this tool to know about the number of backlinks available on your competitors’ websites.

9. Alexa Rank Checker

This tool will assist you to know about the Alexa rank of a website in no time.

This way, you will also be able to fetch all details about the popularity of any website.

10. Online Ping Website Tool

Use this tool, and get pinged on your website from 60+ sources.

It will also help you to boost your SEO by notifying search engines about your website’s new pages.

11. Link Analyzer

This Link Analyzer will help you know about all links available on your website.

Once done, you will be in a better position to dish out all vital information you ever need to enhance your website’s onpage SEO.

12. Keyword Density Checker

Do you want to know about a particular keyword and how many times it appears on your website? Because if it’s appearing or less, your website may not be ranking higher.

Once done, you can know even keywords your rivals are using, work on their instances of appearance and give a boost to your onsite SEO.

13. Google Malware Checker

Many a time, your website may be hacked for illegal purposes, and you may not know about it.

Not anymore. Because this tool will help you to know about it and keep it super safe.

14. Broken Links Finder

Knowing if your website has any broken links will be possible.

Simply use this tool, and you are ready to identify all and remove them leading to better SEO and improved search engine rankings.

15. URL Rewriting Tool

Do you want to improve your permalink structure and include a keyword in it or any other hot phrase in your niche to improve search engine ranks?

Leave it to this tool to help you rewrite your URL and create an .htaccess file.

16. Redirect Checker

If you want to know if your website has any redirection, then this tool is everything you need.

17. MozRank Checker

Know about the MozRank, Domain, and Page authority for any domain.

It will also help you know all the important SEO information.

18. Server Status Checker

Now, knowing the status of your server will be a child’s play. All have to do is - use this tool.

Using the same, you can know if your server is offline or online. It will help you to keep it always online.

19. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

It’s important to know how your website looks at several screen resolutions. And this tool does that.

A large chunk of the audience is now on mobile devices, and it’s a must to ensure your website looks good there to maximize engagements.

20. Reverse IP Domain Checker

Do you want to know about other domains hosted on the same server? You can make this tool work on your behalf.

You will also be able to able to spy on your competitors.

21. Blocklist Lookup

Sometimes, your domain or IP may be blacklisted due to many reasons without your knowledge.

It’s where you can trust this tool to know about all and ensure your website is not penalized or blacklisted.

22. Page Speed Checker Tool

Do you know about the importance of your page speed? Yes, it’s a significant factor to rank your websites higher - especially on mobile devices.

Simply make the most of this tool to know in a flash.

23. Link Price Calculator

You can use this tool and know about the possible worth of a particular link on a domain.

Along with this input, you can also use this module to fetch details about top sites to access banklinks from.

24. Domain Hosting Checker

You can use this tool and know which domain hosting provider a website is currently using.

25. Google Index Checker

Now, finding a vital detail, like the number of pages Google indexed for a particular domain, is easy.

It will also be hassle-free to access crucial SEO details straight from Google.

26. Website Links Count Checker

Use this tool, and you are ready to know the number of internal and external links in your site. Once done, you will be able to improve your website onpage SEO.

27. Page Speed Checker

Get to know the actual page load time for your entire website + individual elements.

This way, you can know about real culprits slowing your site and take corrective measures.

28. Find DNS Records

Looking to fetch DNS records of a domain? Let this tool help you.

29. Email Privacy

Use this tool and be ready to dig out contact email from a domain and even any website.

30. Google Cache Cheker

This tool will help you know about the latest date of a domain for Google cache.

31. Bulk Domain Authority Checker

If you want to know about the availability for domains in bulk, then this is the tool to do that.

32. Search Engine Spider Simulator

With this tool in action, you will be in a position to browse any website like a search engine.

33. Keyword Suggestion Tool

Getting a list of related keywords from a seed keyword. This way, you will fetch keywords to target in your SEO effort.

34. Search Engine Spider Simulator

It will be super possible for you to know about the domain authority of up to 20 domains at a time.

35. Page Authority Checker

You can now use this tool to check the page authority of up to 20 pages in one go.

36. Pagespeed Insights Checker

It will be dead easy to know details about the pagespeed of any website.

You will have details of what’s slowing your sites and take all corrective actions.

37. Robot TXT Generator

Use this tool and be in a position to generate your own robots.txt with easy clicks.

38. Simple Word Counter

Enter a text and get the word count using this tool faster.

39. Your IP Address

Finding the IP address + geolocation of any site will be possible with this tool.

40. Domain Into IP

If you want to get IP along with the hosting location of any particular domain, this tool will do it for you.

41. URL Encoder/Decoder

Let this tool help encode or decode any URL with utmost ease and even secure URLs super-fast.

42. Page Size Checker

Know about the size of any page in bytes and kb. You already know that a faster loading site even ranks higher.

43. Get Source Code Of Webpage

Knowing the correct source code of a webpage will be a hassle-free affair. This module does that quickly.

44 Class C IP Checker

If you want to know about the Class C IP of a website, you can trust this tool to not only do that but even figure out all backlinks sources.

45. Online MD5 Generator

Let this tool help you generate MD5 online - enter a text on it, and you are sorted.

46. Code To Text Ratio Checker

This tool is all you need to get the percentage of HTML code against the text on a site.

47. Where Is My Browser

Do you want to know about the browser you are using? Leave it to this module to know in a flash.

48. Social Stats Checker

Looking to know vital social media stats, such as likes, shares, tweets, and more for any URL? Get all such significant inputs using this tool.

49. Webpage Optimizer Tool

With this tool in your arsenal, you can optimize a webpage considering aspects like CSS Minifier, Website Image, HTML Compressor, and even JS Minifier.

50. Adsense Calculator

Want to know how much you can earn in Adsense? Use this tool and know more, and even optimize your Adsense earnings.

And…This Is Not Yet The End…

Because You Are Also Getting A
Powerful Site Analysis Tool…

Yes, that’s true!

Along with 50 awesome SEO tools, you are also accessing a superb tool that will also help you to analyze any website…

The result?

In a single click, you will be able to identify all your website mistakes and issues that have been potentially preventing you to rank numero uno in the Google search engine!

Not only this, but you can get even PDF reports that you can save for future and offline use.  

Yup, you can get 100% real results using this and in any niche.

Here’s What This Super Cool Site

Analysis Software Will Measure On Your Behalf…

Meta Title

IP Canonicalization

URL Count

Mobile Friendliness


Meta Description

XML Sitemap

Favicon Test

Mobile Preview Screenshot

Facebook Likes Count

Meta Keywords


Custom 404 Page Test

Mobile Compatibility

Plus One Count


URL Rewrite

Page Size

Mobile Page Speed Insights

StumbleUpon Count

Google Preview

URL Underscores

Website Load Time

Server IP

LinkedIn Count

Missing Image Alt Attribute

Embedded Objects

Desktop Pagespeed Insights

Server Location

Estimated Worth

Keywords Cloud

Iframe Objects

Language Check

Hosting Service Provider

Alexa Global Rank

Keyword Consistency

Domain Registration

Domain Availability

Speed Tips

Visitors Localization

Text/HTML Ratio



In-Page Links

GZIP Compression Test

Indexed Pages Count (Google)

Email Privacy

W3C Validity

Broken Links

WWW/Non-WWW Resolve

Backlinks Counter

Safe Browsing

Doc Type

And Even More…

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